SC 28

Revision 2012

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 28 Office Equipment

SC 28 was established in 1989 based on a Japanese proposal. Initially SNV (Switzerland) assumed Secretariat for the subcommittee. Then in 1997 ABNT (Brazil) succeeded the position. In 2001, however, Brazil stepped down from the Secretariat position for the reason of resource constraint. A proposal of JISC (Japan) to take over the Secretariat position from ABNT was welcomed by ABNT and SC 28 and approved by JTC 1 in its Sophia Antipolis Plenary held in October 2002. Mr. Akira Saito nominated by JISC was appointed Chairman of SC 28 succeeding Mr. Raul Colcher of ABNT in JTC 1 Singapore Plenary in October 2003. Financial and resources support for SC 28 Secretariat functions is provided by JBMIA (Japan Business Machines and Information Systems Association) delegated by JISC. First Secretary was Mr. Katsuhito Dei succeeding Mr. Andre Valle of ABNT, Second Secretary was Mr. Kazumasa Kumakura and the Third is Motokuni Sugiyama as of this writing in June 2010 when Mr. Saito is in the first year of his third 3-year appointment as SC 28 Chairman.

SC 28 is primarily a printer and copier oriented subcommittee whose scope remains unchanged since its inception which reads as follows.

Standardization of basic characteristics, test methods and other related items, excluding such interfaces as user system interfaces, communication interfaces and protocols, of office equipment and products such as Printers, Copying Equipment, Digital scanners, Facsimile equipment and systems composed of combinations of office equipment.

Inventory of published SC 28 standards concerns specification sheets descriptors, productivity (throughput) measurement methods, printed image quality evaluation methods, toner/ink cartridges yield measurement methods, declaration of quality of product made of reused parts and accessibility guidelines for office equipment.

The fact that the frontier of SC 28 is contiguous with scopes of ISO/TC42, TC 130 and TC 171 necessitates tight liaisonship with those technical committees among others. Also SC 28 has always been an active member of ISO Steering Committee on Image Technology (SCIT).

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