SC 39

Revision 2013

JTC 1/SC39 Sustainability for and by Information Technology

JTC 1/SC 39 was established during the November 2011 Plenary of JTC 1 in Resolution 27, New JTC 1 Subcommittee on Sustainability for and by Information Technology.  Resolution 27 also approved the United States to serve as Secretariat for the committee, and Mr John Calhoon, US, to serve as acting chairman.  Since the inception of the Committee, Ms Sally Seitz, ANSI, has served as JTC 1/SC 39 Secretary.

JTC 1/SC 39 held its first meeting 12-14 June 2012 in Redwood Shores, California.  The meeting resolutions are available in document JTC 1 N 11145.  At that meeting, JTC 1/SC 39 members approved the following scope of the committee (Resolution 1):

“Standardization related to the intersection of resource efficiency and IT which supports environmentally and economically viable development, application, operation and management aspects.


To avoid any duplication of work and to support innovation, SC 39 will engage in active liaison and collaboration with:

  • Other JTC 1 entities
  • ISO TC 297, ISO TC 242, ISO TC 257
  • IEC TC 100, IEC TC 108, IEC TC 111, SMB SG 4, IEC/PC 118, IEC TC 57/WG 21, IEC  TC 8, and SMB SG 3
  • ITU-T SG 5; and
  • Any other appropriate body including external organizations (e.g. consortia)

This scope was approved by JTC 1 in 2013 in document JTC 1 N 11547.

JTC 1/SC 39 also confirmed the US nomination of Mr Jay Taylor, US, to serve as the Chairman of the committee (Resolution 17).

At the first Plenary, JTC 1/SC 39 established the following two Working Groups and one Study Group:

JTC 1/SC 39/WG 1 – Resource Efficient Data

Terms of Reference:

  • Development of a  data centre resource efficiency taxonomy, vocabulary, and maturity model;
  • Development of a holistic suite of metrics and Key Performance Indicators for data centres;
  • Development of guidance for resource efficient data centres; and
  • Development of an energy management system standard specifically tailored for data centres.

Projects Assigned:

  • ISO/IEC 30131, Information technology – Data Centres – Taxonomy and Maturity Model
  • ISO/IEC 30133, Best Practices for Green Data Centres
  • ISO/IEC 30134-1, Information technology – Data Centres – Key Performance Indicators – Part 1: Overview and General Requirements
  • ISO/IEC 30134-2, Information technology – Data Centres – Key Performance Indicators – Part 2: Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Convener: Mr Henry Wong, US

(Resolution 8)

JTC 1/SC 39/WG 2 – Green ICT

Terms of Reference:

Prepare guidance for the development of energy efficient ICT excluding the scope of JTC 1/SC 39/WG 1, Resource Efficient Data Centres.

Project Assigned:

  • ISO/IEC 30132, Information technology – IT Sustainability – Guidance for the Development of Energy Efficient ICT Products

Convener: Mr Yong-Woon Kim, KR

(Resolution 9)

JTC 1/SC 39 Study Group on Gap Analysis

Terms of Reference:

  • Gap analysis on:
    • Assessment methodology for how to quantify green effects of ICT functions for education, training and learning
    • Guidelines for making other industry sectors green by using IT (e.g. building, transportation/logistics, etc.)

Conveners: Mr Yong-Woon Kim (KR) and Mr Linpeng Gao (CN)

(Resolution 11)

The following Plenary meetings of JTC 1/SC 39 have been held since 2011:

  • 12-14 June 2012, Redwood Shores, CA, USA
  • 23-24 May 2013, Dublin, Ireland

Both the JTC 1/SC 39 Working Groups and the Study Group on Gap Analysis have met in conjunction with the Plenary meeting, and also hold additional face to face meetings and teleconferences in between.

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